PlanManager is the management package for the leading companies in the car body repair sector. Valued by its users, and regarded as a quality label by its clients, PlanManager is the reference as software for the industry.


PlanManager’s efficiency helps you save time by speeding up and simplifying your administrative processes. The principle is simple: all data can only be typed once. Information must be able to be captured and made available quickly and easily – for example, our pioneering Inspector App which makes damage registration and file creation child’s play. Moreover, you can use PlanManager from anywhere: at the office, at home, on the road, at a customer’s premises, … and with any device.


Your profitability increases because PlanManager helps you to track files more quickly, detect problems faster and make the recovery process more efficient. Add unparalleled operational and management reporting and you have all the info you need to steer your business successfully into the future.


The functional richness of PlanManager is unparalleled: file management, time recording, replacement vehicle management, parts ordering, invoicing, sending emails and text messages, connection to the paint scale, planning, creation of specifications, Informex connection, and much more … plus our Apps for the tablet. Everything a modern bodyshop can dream of can be found in PlanManager.


No more high investments in infrastructure, servers and backup and no more purchase of expensive pre-payable licenses. PlanManager is offered as a complete service package (software, maintenance, updates, support, server use, data storage and backup service all in one) according to a transparent and publicly accessible ‘pay according to use’ tariff. So it is not the size of your company (neither in terms of repairs, nor the number of employees) but the quality that determines whether you get started with PlanManager!


Not only in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but also in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Great Britain, PlanManager has enthusiastic users. This means that interesting ideas from different markets are bundled in PlanManager, for the benefit of all users in all countries.

Do you want to see all this with your own eyes? No problem! Contact us for a no-obligation demo via We will be happy to show you what PlanManager can do for you and your company.