UPDATE 29/06/2021

The monitoring data of last week and this week has shown no sign of any degraded performance of the PlanManager platform. Yet we continue to closely follow up on the system’s operation.

PlanManager Performance Update
June 17th, 2021
Dear PlanManager customer,
You receive this information following recent incidents on the PlanManager platform that
caused degraded system performance. We would like to take this opportunity to explain
what caused the issues and what we have done and are continuing to do to prevent this
from happening again in the future.

As per our last update we have been working hard on improving the overall performance of
the system resulting in the implementation of the following:
 Reporting jobs executed on a separate platform outside of the production database
 Restrictions on the volume of data from reporting and exporting functionalities
 Modification of external links to systems in order to operate asynchronously
 Program code optimization for handling substantial amounts of data
 Installation of advanced monitoring software for better insights in system behaviour

Ensuring stability and availability of the platform is our highest priority. We do understand
the importance of PlanManager for your day-to-day operations. Hence why we conducted a
detailed study on every domain to identify opportunities to improve the system. One of
the areas investigated and found to be eligible for performance enhancements was the
database setup. Based on recommendations from our database supplier we found that
tuning could be done on the configuration of the database management software and
we implemented changes in that domain. Unfortunately, this modification turned against us
and resulted in issues in other domains, causing the incident on Monday 7th June.

Although it is almost impossible to predict the occurrence of this kind of unexpected
incidents, we acknowledge that they are unacceptable because of the disruption caused to
our client’s operations. To avoid this type of event from happening again in the future a
new rigorous process has been put in place:
 Stricter implementation and testing procedures
 Installed enhanced monitoring tools to allow quicker action against erratic
system behaviour
 In person monitoring around peak load hours

Next to these direct actions we also are in the process of a performing a full environment
migration to the Solera data centre infrastructure, offering vastly larger scalability
opportunities for enhanced performance and platform stability. This will be completed very

If you have any remaining questions, reach out to us and we will do our utmost to
support you.

Thank you for your understanding
Arnaud Agostini
Regional Managing Director EMEA


We’ve located and resolved the data container issue.


Dear Customer,
We are currently experiencing problems with our data container. Photos can therefore not be visible. We do everything to resolve this as quickly as possible. As soon as we have found a solution, we will post an update here.


On Sunday 13/06/2021, there will be a scheduled intervention on PlanManager.
A temporary interruption of service between 10-12am is possible. PlanManager will be available again after 12. We wish you a good weekend!

07/06/2021 UPDATE

Dear PlanManager User,

after the incident with the database server that made PlanManager inaccessible at lunchtime, we had the choice of having PlanManager up and running as soon as possible with 1 database server or a significant additional delay with all active database servers (synchronization procedure required). The choice was made to have PlanManager back online as soon as possible.
Unfortunately because of the very large number of users on the system, the response times of PlanManager are below normal levels. From 7PM onwards, a procedure will run to reactivate the complete database system.


We are currently experiencing problems with our server. We are doing everything to resolve this as quickly as possible. As soon as we have found a solution, we will post an update here.