Self Service Portal
Give your customer a new digital experience, reduce the number of phone calls, easily implement anti-corona processes in your company and optimize your planning : with the PlanManager Self Service Portal!

What is the PlanManager Self Service Portal ?

The Self Service Portal is a website that allows owners of damaged vehicles to share information (including pictures) with the repairer, make an appointment for an estimate or a repair, and obtain real time information about the status of the repair. The website is accessible from a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How does the PlanManager Self Service Portal work?

The Self Service Portal is accessible through a link on your own company website, through a URL you can communicate, or through a link you can e-mail to the customer from PlanManager. Because the Self Service Portal is linked to PlanManager the information the customer uploads is directly available to you, and the customer will in turn be able to see real time information on the repair.

Why activate the PlanManager Self Service Portal?

The Self Service Portal saves you a lot of time because it reduces the time spent on the phone trying to plan appointments with customers, and it eliminates time ‘lost’ answering customer queries on the repair status. The customer can now communicate 24/7 with you, when and where they see fit, giving them the digital experience they look for and that work providers and insurance companies expect from you.

How to activate the PlanManager Self Service Portal?

Our helpdesk is there to help you. Send an e-mail to with the activation request and we’ll take care of it. You will also receive detailed information on the functionalities of the Self Service Portal, and on the parameters that need to be set inside PlanManager in order for the Self Service Portal to be tailored to your needs.